All proceeds will go to the long term recovery of Ireland and her family.

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This site is dedicated to the support of Ireland Nugent, the little girl who continue to inspires people everyday.  Follow Ireland's progress on their Facebook page.      

Ireland's progress via Facebook

Ireland's Big Day

Ireland receiving her new legs from Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates (POA).

Thank You!!

Thank you to these organizations for their support of Ireland!

US Government and Lawn Mower Companies: Enact stricter regulations on lawn mowers.  Help by signing the petition on the website.

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​​She's up & walking all by herself!

  1. othing will hold her back': 2-year-old mower accident victim walks on new legs

    6/17/13 Human Interest By Keyonna Summers, Times Staff Writer

    ORLANDO — Perhaps it was the pretty Dora the Explorer stickers and the pink Velcro sneakers. Perhaps it was the prayers of her dozens of supporters. Perhaps it was just her resilient, spitfire nature. …

  2. Ireland's walk on prosthetic legs is first step in years-long process

    6/18/13 Human Interest By Keyonna Summers, Times Staff Writer

    IrelandNugent used new prosthetic legs Tuesday to walk through her family's front door in Palm Harbor, just yards from where her lower legs and feet were amputated in a lawn mower accident 10 weeks ago. …

  3. Rift forms between pastor and IrelandNugent's family over donations

    6/10/13 Human Interest By Peter Jamison and Matt McKinney, Times Staff Writers

    CLEARWATER — When a 2-year-old member of his congregation lost her legs below the knee in a lawn mower accident, Pastor Dennis Reid of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Clearwater stepped into the spotlight. …

  4. Things to do in Tampa Bay for June 9

    6/7/13EventsBy Katie Manfred, Times Staff Writer

    Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England: When Dean Wreen's university is in dire financial straights, she is faced with closing the on-campus natural history museum the same time her ex-girlfriend comes back into town in this "academic sex comedy." See it at 3 p.m. at American Stage in St. Petersburg. $39. (727) 823-7529. Read our review at …

  5. IrelandNugent meets first responders who helped save her

    5/22/13 Human Interest By Keyonna Summers, Times Staff Writer

    LARGO — Christopher Jennings, a Sunstar paramedic not prone to tears, thought he was all cried out. …

  6. IrelandNugent meets Winter the dolphin

    5/18/13 Human Interest Times staff

    IrelandNugent, the 2-year-old Palm Harbor girl who lost part of her legs in a lawn mower accident, met a new friend today: Winter the dolphin. …

  7. Out of the hospital, IrelandNugent welcomed back to church

    5/12/13 Human Interest By Anna M. Phillips, Times Staff Writer

    CLEARWATER The last time Nicole Nugent brought her daughter Ireland to church, the 2-year-old ran down the hallway, playing a game with the pastor. On Sunday, the family's first time back to church since Ireland lost her legs in a lawn mower accident, the toddler stuck close to her mother's lap. …

  8. 'I was never a choir boy': Ex-wrestler says criminal record won't prevent charity work with amputees

    5/14/13 Human Interest By Peter Jamison, Times Staff Writer

    CLEARWATER — Representatives of the Seminole-based charity 50 Legs in 50 Days said Tuesday that they are working to comply with state regulations and that Steve Chamberland, the organization's outspoken founder, can continue in his leadership position despite his criminal record. …

  9. Regulators scrutinize amputee wrestler's 50 Legs charity work

    5/10/13AccidentsBy Peter Jamison, Times Staff Writer

    SEMINOLE — State regulators say they are scrutinizing the charitable activities of Steve Chamberland, the gregarious ex-wrestler from Seminole whose work on behalf of young amputees has gained widespread publicity over the past month. …

  10. Saved pooch is uplifting for two Dunedin families united by tragedies

    5/14/13 Human Interest By Terri Bryce Reeves, Times Correspondent

    DUNEDIN — The Allison and Del Corpo families have been friends for almost a decade, sharing good times and bad. Lately it has been mostly bad. …

  11. IrelandNugent, 2, returns home almost a month after lawn mower accident

    5/4/13 Human Interest By Peter Jamison, Times Staff Writer

    TAMPA …

  12. IrelandNugent, 2-year-old amputee, in good spirits at Tampa General Hospital

    5/1/13 Human Interest By Peter Jamison, Times Staff Writer

    TAMPA IrelandNugent's parents have tried explaining to their 2-year-old daughter that her legs have been amputated. So far, it is not working. …

  13. IrelandNugent, toddler with legs severed in mower accident, suffers setback as doctors discover infection

    4/23/13AccidentsBy Peter Jamison, Times Staff Writer

    TAMPA — IrelandNugent, the Palm Harbor toddler whose legs were severed below the knee in a lawn-mower accident earlier this month, suffered a setback in her ongoing medical treatment Tuesday when doctors found that one of her legs is infected, a family spokesman said. …

  14. As girl in mower accident awakes, parents face their own struggles

    4/17/13AccidentsBy Peter Jamison, Times Staff Writer

    TAMPA IrelandNugent knows that her 2-year-old body has changed. Waking up in the hospital, eyes dimmed by drugs to quell her pain, she looked at her parents and asked what had happened to her bandaged hand. "You had a boo-boo," her mother, Nicole Nugent of Palm Harbor, replied. …

  15. Father of girl in lawn mower accident: 'She's my angel'

    4/15/13HealthBy Jodie Tillman, Times Staff Writer

    TAMPA — His little girl was asleep Monday afternoon, and someone asked Jerry Nugent what he would tell her when she woke up. Nugent paused, and as he started talking, his voice broke. …

  16. Toddler's mom describes mower accident; says girl will walk again

    4/11/13 Public Safety By Peter Jamison, Times Staff Writer

    Nobody can say what IrelandNugent will remember. • Even a young child's memory can be marked lastingly by trauma, psychologists believe, like a strip of silver-halide film exposed to sunlight. One day the 2-year-old girl might recall the sirens, the screams, the weeping woman who knelt beside her and held her hand. …

  17. Palm Harbor toddler injured in mower accident prepares for weekend homecoming

    5/2/13 Human Interest By Peter Jamison, Times Staff Writer

    The Palm Harbor toddler whose legs were severed in a lawn-mower accident last month is preparing to return home this weekend after almost three weeks of treatment at Tampa General Hospital, a family spokesman said Thursday. …

  18. Experts say kids who lose limbs adjust to prosthetics quickly

    4/12/13HealthBy Jodie Tillman, Times Staff Writer

    IrelandNugent lost her lower legs to lawn mower blades on Wednesday, and few things make the accident more heartbreaking than the fact that she's only 2½ years old. But it's also her age that could hasten and improve her recovery. …